Business And Investing Mastery 2018
24th / 25th November
Park Plaza Victoria Hotel 
London SW1V 1EQ

Learn from industry experts the strategies that are working in today's markets for starting or growing a business and for investing in property and the forex / stock market.  
You'll be learning how to get your money working for you rather than you working for money, giving you more time and freedom to do what you really want in life. 
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Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, London, SW1V 1EQ
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When you attend this training course you’ll find out how you can start a business or grow an existing business the smart way - so that its easy to manage and generates increasing profits whilst you spent less time at work. You'll also learn what really works in property and forex /stock market investing - strategies that even beginners can use.
In our modern entrepreneurial age its no longer about being particular smart or working hard - the most important thing is knowing the right strategies... 

And once you know these strategies even someone of average intelligence and average resources can achieve outstanding results relatively fast. 

On this training course you'll be learning tried and tested strategies from industry experts - techniques that are working right now and that you can start using straight away.

More and more 'normal' people are now using these strategies to start new businesses, rapidly grow existing businesses, and generate monthly cash-flow in ways that once did not seem possible. 

At this event you'll hear real case studies and see examples of exactly how you can use these same techniques. This event is packed with great content to fast track your business and investing success.
Why should you attend this event?
► This is a rare opportunity to learn from so many 
     industry experts in one place at the same time. 

► Just learning 1 or 2 new techniques could hugely 
     improve your business or investing results.

► You'll benefit from meeting other like minded people. 

► By updating your knowledge you can check that 
    you stay ahead.

► One of the best investments you can make is in 
     yourself and you deserve this.
Who Will Be Speaking At The Event
Catherine Turner eCommerce Entrepreneur
Catherine is one of the UK's leading experts on online business and eCommerce. After quitting a stressful job where she simply wasn't earning enough, she has since created 3 successful companies. Catherine set these businesses up in a way that now allows her the time and freedom to travel the World and manage them from where ever she chooses to be. 
Raymond Aaron 
Business Entrepreneur
Raymond Aaron is a New York Times Top 10 bestselling author, investor, business owner and internationally renowned thought leader and success coach. His techniques have generated over $160,000,000.00 from the sale of products and services. He'll be teaching how to achieve greater wealth, branding, recognition, confidence, respect and authority.
Paul Preston 
Property Entrepreneur
Paul Preston is the UK’s Leading Property Expert and is a truly inspiring example of just what’s possible in life. In 2009, Paul was working as cleaner, making just £6ph. Today, he is a multi-millionaire, and having re-built his own life through property, he has helped thousands of people to achieve exactly the same results.
Jessen James 
Business Entrepreneur
Jessen has built, bought and sold multiple successful businesses, both traditional off line companies and online businesses. He will be sharing real life examples of what works and want doesn't work in today's entrepreneurial age. This will include how even someone with no experience, little capital and average intelligence can achieve outstanding results.
Darren Winters - Forex & Stock Market Expert
Darren Winters is a self made multi-millionaire investor and successful entrepreneur. After learning 1 to 1 from some of the World’s top traders and investors, Darren took himself from working hard at a normal job to having the lifestyle he'd always wanted. You'll be learning some of his best strategies, suitable for beginners and experienced investors.
Paul O'Mahony - Social Media Entreprenuer
Paul has used his social media expertise to build multiple companies and now supports thousands of clients worldwide. His client list includes world renowned businesses, government agencies, Hollywood stars and sporting celebrities. At this event he'll be sharing how anyone can use social media to start or grow a successful business.
Liam Ryan 
Property Entrepreneur
Liam's property business has grown £7.1 million pounds in just 2 years and he has done this using none of his own money. Going from rock bottom to multi millionaire he's passionate about showing you, how you can also achieve massive wealth through property. He has helped thousands of people like you take the correct steps towards a life of your dreams.
John Lee
Serial Entrepreneur
John is an international speaker, bestselling author and a serial entrepreneur. He has shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Ex President of the United States Bill Clinton and Randi Zuckerberg of Facebook. He made his first million at the age of 27 and has since shared the powerful business strategies he learnt to help other succeed. 
Mystery Speaker 
Wealth Coach
Top athletes have coaches, so do people who want to be top of their game in business and investing. In this talk you'll be learning some powerful techniques and strategies used by some of the World's most successful people. These methods, once applied can massively accelerate your progress and results and take your business and investing to the next level. 
What you'll learn at the event:
The smart way to start or grow a business 
Secret strategies of today's marketing pros
Automate your business to free up your time
Get more done in less time, outsourcing 101
What really works in property investing
How investing can generate you 2nd income
How to find great forex & share trades fast
How to get exponential business growth
3 most important steps to business success
Plus many more great topics...
Read What People Thought Of Our Training...
Brian Thompson This two day course has been sensational. For anyone thinking about coming on this course, the question is, can you afford not to. You’re going to learn a lot of very valuable things.
Sean Knubley This course was very interesting with lots of information. It was nice and easy to follow and has given me many ideas to go forward. It's well worth your time to attend.
Keisha Watson An amazing experience. You learn lots of new strategies and meet lots of new people. Highly recommended.
Praneet Vatsavai I would definitely recommend this course. It's very informative and I enjoyed every bit of it. The information that I got here was very, very valuable and I can't wait to apply these principles.
Jennifer Barlow I really enjoyed the 2 day course, it was VERY good - it was fun, the content was very useful and easy to digest and I feel I'll be able to easily apply what I've learnt. 
Linas Micinavious I was looking for something new, a new experience to learn something different. This course was very useful. By day two I knew a lot.
Oladipo Olasoju This training has been so helpful and something I would recommend to anyone. I really enjoyed it, as there were so many things I'd never thought about. For those who feel they can't spare the time, I would say if you don't attend you are really missing out a lot.
Simon Ball Thank you so much for all that you have taught me! You have truly changed my financial destiny and that of my family. Keep up the great work!
Michael Ellacott Having come down from Manchester to London for these two days I certainly feel it has been very well worth my time. It's been a really full, interesting 2 days and I've learnt a new system that I'll use immediately tomorrow. Plus I met a lot of interesting people. 
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We hope that if we invest in you now and help you to become a successful entrepreneur and investor, that some of you may in the future choose us when you want to further your training - of course that's up to you.

At the free training course you'll learn a lot of great content - techniques and strategies used by some of the World's top entrepreneurs and investors.

This is all taught in an easy to understand way so that even complete beginners can start to use these powerful skills. 
THE VENUE IS LIMITED TO JUST 500 PLACES, AND THESE ARE LIKELY TO GO VERY FAST, So if you wait until later this event may be sold out by the time you return.
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